Fourth monkey

A technological mystery based on Marshall McLuhan and others.

“Does it ever happen to you when you are sittin comfortably on a couch and you cannot reach for the remote control or a biscuit on the table? Your life is about to change thanks to this robotic arm. You don’t have to lean or even get up from the couch. Simply get this robotic arm equipped with a smart mechanism inside that helps you take anything from the table. The thumb is fixed and the other fingers are manipulated by the handle.”

The Fourth Monkey is a dark grotesque story about a failed fortune telling, time travelling and rituals stored in cellular memory. Technological extensions of a body, consciousness and transformation in the world of radionic experimenters playing a spooky soundtrack on devices without components.

The fourth Shizaru monkey is the last of the three wise monkeys often depicted in the Buddhist tradition. Each monkey has its eyes, ears or mouth covered. Shizaru symbolizes the principle of “do no evil” but is missing in most of the paintings or sculptures.

Authors&Performers: Dörner, Hybler, Svatoš, Procházka, Švábová, Kalivodová, Housková, Zika, Jiřička, Ganfield

Handa Gote Research & Development is dedicated to experimenting with dramaturgy, incorporating non-theatrical elements into its work, and developing its own concept of post-dramatic and post-spectacular theater.It has long been inspired by science and technology. The group conducts continuous research into theater speech, laboratory work in the field of sound and light design, while questioning the above disciplines.

Supported by Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic and The City of Prague.