Mr. Roman

Mr. Roman was born,
grew up, and then
became alone inside
an apartment of concrete panels.
All roughly between 1955-1981.
This period recorded by his father
with the “I’m doing just
what I see on camera” method.
And Roman?
He just grinned.
Fishing, motors, spas.

A performance on the life of Mr. Roman, a life that was recorded in a DIY way in 8 mm format. 8 film rolls showing the life of an unknown family became the film material used in the work on the piece “Ekran“. This homemade film is now being used as the central material this project named “Mr. Roman“.
Dynamic editing offers an unusual visual angle on the collected material, which follows the protagonist Roman through about twenty years of his life, and which also gives us an insight into the social and family rituals and typical activities of the time.
The filmed material covers a period from the early sixties up to the eighties. The projection is accompanied by live music played on pre-digital electrophonic instruments.

The project was intended to be presented as an at-home event for a smaller group of visitors, where the people coming can also bring home-made snacks, generating a reminiscence of the at-home events of the 80s.

created by: Ježek, Freudl, Procházka
premiere: 2010