Memories of Togoland

“White people are trapped in their whiteness, black people trapped in their blackness,” – Frantz Omar Fanon

Documentary theatre performance deals with the colonial legacy, combines archival materials, objects, comments and personal testimonies. Four participants with differing life experiences use video, dance, music and masks, relating to the common past.

Prepared by: Švábová, Nwagbo, Havlová, Housková, Procházka, Procházka, Nyass, Svatoš, Dörner, Hybler, Jiřička, Brejcha, Zika, Búřil, Mennsdorf-Pouilly, Jedinák, Wajsar, Jakeš

Cooperate: Poláková, Ježek, Tarnovski, Mikyska, Vitvar, Kyšperský, Švejda, Krupanský, Chmelař

Production:, Maria Cavina

Handa Gote Research & Development is dedicated to experimenting with dramaturgy, incorporating non-theatrical elements into its work, and developing its own concept of post-dramatic and post-spectacular theater.It has long been inspired by science and technology. The group conducts continuous research into theater speech, laboratory work in the field of sound and light design, while questioning the above disciplines.